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Emily Lodge
Luxury Heritage Hotel Nainital

Emily Lodge Luxury Heritage Hotel Nainital located in Ayarpatta Hill  at an altitude of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) Nainital in pristine weather and landscape. Emily Lodge is being typical old British architecture to give the aura and ambiance of that era having a 5 rooms accommodations with luxurious amenities and a 1950s retro-themed interior that gives the vibes of the old world hospitality. Luxury Heritage Hotel Nainital. Easy accessible to Mall road by drive and down hill walk.  

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Emily Lodge Luxury Heritage Hotel Nainital is located in the peaceful woods of the Ayarpatta hills(means dense dark forests in the Kumaoni language) in Nainital. It is situated at the third highest point of Nainital.

Emily Lodge Luxury Heritage Hotel Nainital surround by an immense variety of birds and as wanders of troops of monkeys. It is halcyon yet convenient and accessible as the Mall Road is only ten minutes away from there. The place offers you a distinctive experience for every season. From the  snowfalls of winter to the pleasantness of summer and the breezy and Cheerful rainfalls to the Shining  autumn. It is complacent all throughout the year.

It has currently been taken up by Nupur and Manish Purohit who have been working in the field of digital marketing and branding of heritage and cultural tourism for more than 25 years, natives of Jodhpur, Rajasthan and are based in Gurgaon, ensures a personal hospitality by host to all its guests.

Creative retreat or an extended home for artists, painters, writers, fashion designers, songwriters, singers, and director who wish to take a step back from their hectic schedule wherein you can rent out the whole villa for yourself and focus on your sojourn.

We stayed at this lovely Lodge situated in nature’s lap of Nainital, foothills of the majestic himalayas. Emily Lodge is amazing for bird watching, and a peace full delight in itself.I highly recommend this pristine beauty with Ms. Nupur’s great hospitality. I am surely going to be going to Emily Lodge very often,  this place has made a place in my heart.

(Source : TripAdvisor)

Agam SinghMumbai
Vacation with Family

Its nice place to stay at Emily.  Very good for group of people. Can stay there for a week to relax yourself. Environment is awesome. Healthy air and surrounding very pleasurable.

Gourav VIndore


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