Luxury Cottage Nainital Emily Lodge, located in Ayarpatta Nainital is best cottage.

Asavari Theatre Festival Nainital.

On 30-31 Dec. 2017, First edition of Asavari Theatre Festival Nainital event will take place at Balrampur House Resort and Emily Lodge Naintial. This year’s event will feature Dr. M. Syeed Alam’s Pierrot’s Troupe Theatre group.

– Interactive session about ‘Street Play and Boardway Production-Journey of Theatre’
– Stage a play India’s longest running comdey play, ‘Ghalib in New Delhi’ with more than 430 shows to its credit. It is India’s Marathon play. No guesses. It is Pierrot’s Troupe’s Ghalib In New Delhi – hugely popular, highly acclaimed and widely travelled, launched way back in 1997.

This rip-roaring comedy has the great erstwhile Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib, revisiting his beloved ‘Dehli’, now ironically ‘Delhi’, in 2017 to witness and relish his posthumous fame.

Event tickets are available at Balrampur House Resort and Emily Lodge Nainital.

Homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge experience of Dorothy’s Seat Trail (Tiffin Top)
Homestay Nainital

Top experience by homestay Nainital Emily lodge

Homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge Dorothy’s seat (Tiffin Top) also known as Tiffin Top is situated at the altitude of 2292 meters above the ground atop the Ayarpatta Hills. Dorothy’s seat (Tiffin Top) is prominent picnic site in Nainital 40 minute walking trail from Homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge  as you can witness a magnificent bird-eye view of the whole city and beyond. The place is filled with small food stalls as well as light and hearty chatter that resonates throughout the area. You can enjoy the awe-inspiring and captivating view while enjoying a warm and soothing cup of tea. There are only two ways to get to this site and that is a ride on a pony or a small trek through an isolated path near Homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge.

At Homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge, you can enjoy a beginners trek through a detached and peaceful walkway. The rocky path is surrounded by thick and luscious trees. You can also find animals such as Barking Deer, Himalayan languor as well as Indian porcupine. As the sunlight peaks through the dense and teeming foliage that envelopes the area, you can hear the melodious chirping of birds and the distant calls of the animals. There is an occasional breeze that brushes past your skin and all these sensations stimulate a calmness from within and you slowly start forgetting your daily trepidation and anxiety. You find yourself observing the minute details and the vibes you get from around you.
To make this experience truly memorable and satisfying experience, the hosts of homestay Nainital, Emily Lodge have arranged a high tea in between the trek wherein you can rest and help yourself with a cup of tea or coffee, maybe a glass of refreshing fruit juice to reenergize you. You will be served a small delicious and easy-to-eat luncheon as a form of refreshment so that you can continue on your walkabout with a new sense of energy.
As you reach the very top, your destination, you will find yourself smiling through the exhaustion. The site at the top is as exceptional and as extraordinary as the way it is publicised in. You can see all the pre-eminent landmarks of Nainital from that site. It’s like watching the whole of Nainital and beyond through a telescope. This experience is something that opens your eye to the raw nature of Nainital. Visit our Facebook Community