Asavari Theatre Festival Nainital.

On 30-31 Dec. 2017, First edition of Asavari Theatre Festival Nainital event will take place at Balrampur House Resort and Emily Lodge Naintial. This year’s event will feature Dr. M. Syeed Alam’s Pierrot’s Troupe Theatre group.

– Interactive session about ‘Street Play and Boardway Production-Journey of Theatre’
– Stage a play India’s longest running comdey play, ‘Ghalib in New Delhi’ with more than 430 shows to its credit. It is India’s Marathon play. No guesses. It is Pierrot’s Troupe’s Ghalib In New Delhi – hugely popular, highly acclaimed and widely travelled, launched way back in 1997.

This rip-roaring comedy has the great erstwhile Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib, revisiting his beloved ‘Dehli’, now ironically ‘Delhi’, in 2017 to witness and relish his posthumous fame.

Event tickets are available at Balrampur House Resort and Emily Lodge Nainital.