Your hosts have designed signature and exclusive experiences during your stay to rejuvenate and galvanize your mind. Be it a three-kilometer basic nature trek through an isolated and obscure path where you can forget about the apprehension of life and submerge yourself to the serenity of nature with an exquisite high tea. Or a personalized yoga session in the midst of the woods to eliminate all the clutter in your brain and energize yourself from the inside-out. A tour around Kilbury and Pangot bird sanctuary which is a true paradise for bird watchers and enthusiast with a small picnic lunch to conclude the experience or a tour to the prominent Himalaya Darshan Point. An informative lunch with a local family to understand the diverse and distinguished culture and heritage of the Kumaon region or visit to the local village school of the area as well as an enlightening and explanatory session by a naturist that includes thrilling real-life stories of tiger and leopard. You can always find something entrancing and provocative, an escapade worth your time.

Dorothy’s Seat Trail

3 Hours | INR 1500 + Taxes | 2 Pax

The Dorothy’s Seat trail is a 5-kilometer beginner’s trek through a detached and peaceful walkway. As the sunlight peeks through the dense and teeming foliage and as the euphonic chirping of birds fills your ears and a light breeze touches your skin, you slowly start forgetting your daily trepidation and anxiety. You find yourself submerging in the stillness of the place. To make this trek a truly memorable experience, a high tea is arranged halfway through the trek. As you reach the very top to Dorothy’s seat, even though the exhaustion is taking over your body you find yourself smiling as you can witness the absolutely stunning and marvelous sight of Nainital at a bird’s eye view.

Kilbury and Pangot

3-4 Hours | INR 3500 + Taxes | 2 Pax |

The host’s of Emily Lodge have customized a homely and simple picnic lunch near Pangot, a utopia for bird watchers and enthusiasts. The journey to the destination consists of various distinguished points such as The Mango Lake Point where you can attest the stunning view of the original shape of the prominent Naini Lake. You can also witness the Himalaya Darshan Point where you may witness the sunkissed and glowing orange peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, a sight that is truly magical. The final destination is a small and cozy camp where you will be served lunch so that you can enjoy delicious food with a sensational and captivating view.

Birding Excursion

4-5 Hours | INR 4500 + Taxes | 2 Paxs 

Nainital is famous for its immense and mammoth range of flora and fauna. Out of the 1200 species of birds of India, about 144 of those species reside in Nainital due to the luscious and teeming trees surrounding it, especially in areas like Pangot and Kilbury. Emily Lodge have designed a bird excursion for you. Suggested timings for this experiences are mornings or late afternoon. So either you can savor an early breakfast at the hotel you can leave for Pangot and Kilbury where you can meet a local birding expert who can explain all the behavioral changes, migration patterns as well as their different calls. You may witness birds like Kingfishers, Blue-throated and Brown-headed Barbets, Red-Billed, Crimson-breasted Woodpecker variety of birds.

Yoga and Meditation

2 Hours | INR 1500 + Taxes | 2 Paxs 

You can indulge in a meditating and yoga session in the midst of the wilderness that surrounds Emily Lodge. This session is also guided by a professional who can personalize this experience just for you and help you achieve your full potential. This session has been designed so that you can eliminate all the apprehension and clutter that is in your head. This can help you bring out your inner calmness and help you enjoy this experience a lot better. To help you appreciate the breathtaking and awe-inspiring nature that surrounds you.

Theme Dinner

INR 2500 + Taxes | 2 Paxs 

An exorbitant and luxurious themed dinner has been customized for you by the hosts of Emily Lodge. It is a gourmet three-course meal that consists of a light appetizers, an ambrosial main-course followed by a luscious and appealing dessert. All the meals are prepared according to your preferences, likes, and dislikes. This meal is served to you in a very entrancing ambiance with low lights, slow music as well as the silence and privacy that the wilderness around Emily Lodge offers.

Curated Nainital Tour

4-5 Hours | INR 4500 + Taxes | 2 Paxs 

Emily Lodge has compiled and prepared a well organized curated tour of Nainital, in which you can observe all aspects of the fascinating city. You can start your morning with a light and delicious breakfast at the hotel. After that, you can go forward to a long and relaxing drive in which you can unwind and be captivated by the enthralling beauty of the queen of the hills. You can start by visiting the Himalaya Darshan Point, where you may attest the sun-kissed peaks of the prominent Himalayan Ranges, then visit the Mango Point Lake where you can see the actual shape of the Naini Lake followed by the eminent Khurpatal where you can observe the bizarrely shaped hills.

After all this, you can return to the hotel and enjoy a flavorsome lunch and afternoon tea. If you wish to visit the spiritual side of Nainital you can leave for the Hanuman Garhi, and feel the absolute calmness from within. You can also go to the distinguished Naina Devi Temple. After which you can enjoy boating in the Naini Lake and go shopping in Mall Road and come back home to Emily Lodge for a sumptuous dinner.

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